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Join us on an unforgettable 2.5 hour walking tour through the infamous streets of Amsterdam.  Discover how freedom and tolerance transformed a simple fishermen’s village into the centre of vast trading empire and understand how these values continue to shape the city today.

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Buenos AIres

In this free tour you get a historic and political perspective of our city, starting from the National Congress and walking the grand boulevard of Avenida de Mayo, with its architecture and sites, revealing the most glorious and terrible periods of our history

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Hong Kong

We will bring you back in time from Hong Kong modern day skyscrapers to colonial buildings and Chinese temples. This walk focuses on the history, society, culture and architecture of Hong Kong.

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Whether you’re in town for a weekend in London or sightseeing for the day, our London tours cover popular tourist destinations as well as off the beaten path parts of town. We offer both guided tours and self guided tours that take you through the heart of The City and Westminster.

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Join us to explore this wonderful city aged of 2.600 years on a three hours walking tour through which we will get on an exciting journey. Starting with the beautiful old port, a natural cove and the birthplace of the city, this is where it all began!

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We are small family organisation run by local guides who love Prague. Join us for the Old Town & Jewish Quarter Free Tour and stroll the medieval streets of historical centre. Learn more about the Czech kings and presidents during the Charles Bridge & Prague Castle Free Tour. Twice daily!

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São Paulo

It's a free walking tour around São Paulo, offering a historical, touristic, cultural and local overview of the city! We are the first and the official free walking tour in São Paulo, and we want to offer you the best of this city, through a different, fun and amazing way, for free (tips-based only)!

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The Free Tour City start at Old Town. This original free walking tour goes deeper than just introducing the sites: we delve into the city’s amazing history, from the darkest hours to the brightest moments.

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Happy Strasbourg will share with you and introduce you to the city of Strasbourg, European capital, in its least details, and most of all, make you "Happy"!

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Free Walk Switzerland is the nonprofit umbrella organisation of the free walking tours associations across Switzerland.

Free Walking Tours are informative and entertaining tours at no upfront cost

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Take our walking tour first to explore The City and The Rocks, then the bus tour to discover areas further away from the city not accessible by foot. Those areas are must see in Sydney, they make our city the most beautiful in the world.

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