//Free Tours of Oxford – Why are they free?

Free Tours of Oxford – Why are they free?

Why are my Oxford guided tours free?

Free tours are great, so long as you choose the right one. The one you are looking for is free.. I know that may sound obvious but some “free tours” go as far as to insist that attendees should pay a fee on a per person basis…..well the issue with that, is it is no longer a free tour, it just becomes an uncomfortable ‘should I pay or should I go now tour’.


A Wander Oxford free walking tour always has been and will always will be free. I deliver a tour that is open to everyone, it lasts for over two hours and it is completely free. Photo of Lisa Maree Tour Guide


So how do I make a living? I deliver my tours warmly, enthusiastically and to a professional, researched standard. I make people laugh, I tell them things they didn’t expect to learn. I engage with people. I care about what they want to know. Why are they in Oxford? What are they looking to see? I even limit the number of people who can come on a tour to 25 to ensure they get my personal attention.


Am I doing it for love? – yes, absolutely…. I love Oxford, I love meeting people and most of all I love it when people enjoy my company and my Oxford tours.


If I get a tip because I have delivered an excellent service, then great. If I don’t then great I hope you have a wonderful time in Oxford and that you enjoyed my tour. Think of it this way, will a guided tour of Oxford be better because you have paid a guide a fee to be with them? Well there is the real question! I will leave you to come up with your own answer to that one.


Whatever Oxford guided tour you choose, whether its paid or free, I urge you – check their TripAdvisor Reviews first! – There are some real sharks out there and unfortunately Oxford has them too! Good news though – these tours will either have terrible reviews or simply will not be listed on the review sites. Call me old fashioned, but I am very proud of my reviews – I want you all to read them.


Finally, if a free tour guide suggests that you should give them anything more than a smile or an entirely voluntary tip, then report them to the Advertising Standards Authority – there are actually rules laid down about this aimed specifically at Free Tours.


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