Harry Potter fans visiting Oxford will find it’s a treasure trove of memories linking back to their favourite young wizard and his pals. Oxford was used for some of the most memorable sets in a number of the Harry Potter films and our informative Oxford Walking Tour takes you to these magical places.

Our tours of Oxford visits some of the Harry Potter filming locations that helped create the fantastic scenes that were so memorable at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Oxford is famed for its beautiful, historic University Colleges and many of their mullioned, ancient buildings were used in filming for a variety of the Harry Potter blockbusters.

Our Oxford tours features a knowledgeable guide who provides a number of unique, local anecdotes to round off your knowledge of Oxford and Harry Potter.

You’ll experience many different architectural styles on your Oxford Walking Tour and the beautiful filming locations are sure to take you right back to the moment in time when you actually watched the films. These wonderful Harry Potter filming locations are part and parcel of what made the Harry Potter films so watchable to fans worldwide.

Some of the architectural treasures visited in our Oxford Walking Tour include:

Bodleian Library

Photo of the Inside of Duke Humfrey's Library Oxford

Inside Duke Humfrey’s Library Oxford

This iconic Oxford University location was used for a variety of scenes in Harry Potter. This includes The Divinity Hall, which featured in The Philosopher’s Stone as the setting for Hogwarts’ Infirmary, where Harry ended up following his experience confronting Voldemort at the end of the film. You will also see the outside of Duke Humphries Library which also featured in the Philosopher’s Stone and was the setting for the Hogwarts Library, which Harry visited when wearing his invisibility cloak looking for clues. You must be over the age of 11 to visit the Duke Humphries Library and entry is only £1 if you wish to return after our free tour. Or, if you’d like this included in a Private Tour, just let us know.

Christchurch College

Photo of Christchurch College OxfordThe upper section of the stairs at Christchurch were used in the Philosopher’s Stone and fans will remember how the first years, including Ron, Hermione and Harry, walked up the staircase and were met by Professor McGonagall. The beautiful, ancient vaulted ceiling above the staircase is phenomenal to see  so it’s sure to take you back to your favourite Harry Potter film memories. Entry fees to Christchurch can be included in a Private Tour.

The Hogwarts Dining Hall, used in all of the Harry Potter films, is actually The Great Hall at Christ Church. Your guide can tell you more about the filming history and personal tales about some of the actors when you visit.

The Cloisters

Photo of The cloister at Christ Church Cathedral is part of the original priory which existed before the college was built.

The cloister at Christ Church Cathedral is part of the original priory which existed before the college was built.

The Cloisters were featured in the Philosopher’s Stone and you’re sure to remember the scene when you return this location. It’s just outside the current bookshop and is where Hermione was filmed showing Harry his father’s Quidditch trophy.


The Stairway

photo of Christchurch College Oxford staircase

Christchurch College Oxford staircase

The bottom half of the stairway at Christchurch was used in the Chamber of Secrets in the scene where Ron and Harry fly into Hogwarts in the old Ford Anglia. They climb the stairs and come face to face with Filch. This was also the location used for the first meeting Harry had with Tom Riddle.

The Cloisters, New College

The New College Cloisters were used in the scene where Harry turns Malfoy into a ferret in The Goblet of Fire film.

Photo of New College Cloisters. The tree where Mad Eye Moody turned Draco Malfoy in to a ferret

New College Cloisters. The tree where Mad Eye Moody turned Draco Malfoy in to a ferret

Many of Oxford’s historic treasures inspired scenes in the Harry Potter books, and, as you explore this lovely city, you will begin to understand the reasons for this. Your tour of these magical Harry Potter film locations gives you more insight into the story of your favourite young wizard, but during your visit, you’ll also get to learn more about Oxford University and the life of the students who spend their time living and studying in Oxford to complete their studies.

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