I want you to visit Oxford and join me on my walking tour.

I created my free walking tour of Oxford back in 2016. I am very proud to say we have delighted thousands of people who have attended my free 2 hour walking tour of Oxford. With the danger of fending off accusations of  “you would say that” – in my opinion the only way to see Oxford is on foot. Cars and buses simply can not access the main sites, vehicular access was closed off long ago….but good news Oxford isn’t the biggest city by any stretch of the imagination and the sites you will want to see are really close together… best of all I know the sneaky paths and alleys to take to get us around them in a logical order.

We take in some of Oxford University, I never promise entry to any of the 38 colleges that make up the University…they have strange hours, and in truth it depends on the day, the porter and how benevolent they may be feeling…..but as I said there are 38 colleges and I have a good smile, so on many occasions I will get you a peek inside…if not I will point out the ones you can get in to after the tour.

I show people where to get the best photo of Oxford from and where is good to eat and drink. Wander Oxford Walking Tours has no affiliations to any businesses and I intend to keep it that way, that way if I recommend somewhere or something, you know that I mean it and that I have either been there, eaten there, drunk there or in most instances all three. I even show people the pub where Bill Clinton had a suspicious cigarette, but of course, he did not inhale – for me though a better tale of the same Oxford public house is it is where Bob Hawke set (and still holds) a World Record time for drinking a yard of ale….and guess what… you can ONLY get to this pub on foot, a fact that many Oxford draymen will verify.

So come along I encourage you , join my Oxford walking tour. It is a reason to visit Oxford in itself, do my tour first and you will be spoilt for choice on things to do afterwards.

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