My Oxford walking tours, even though I don’t operate a specific Morse Walking Tour, owe a lot to Colin Dexter, Inspector ‘Endeavour’ Morse, Sergeant Lewis, Inspector Thursday and many more of Colin Dexter’s characters. I am constantly pointing out the Morse pubs, the spot where Morse fell to the ground in Exeter college…in fact almost every tour has someone who wants to know more about Morse in some way.

I was lucky enough to meet Shaun Evans and Roger Allam last year, both lovely gentlemen who even took the time to take the selfie you see here…..Is it evens a selfie if Shaun took it – does that make it a Shaunie?

We have been lucky enough to bump in to several locations as they film Endeavour, returning to ITV Sunday 4th February @8pm, which I am looking forward to greatly.

It is a great shame we lost Colin Dexter last year and he is sorely missed, he left a very positive mark on Oxford and its tourist trade… which I for one am extremely grateful.

I look forward to touring many visitors new and returning around Oxford in 2018.