3rd March 2018 – Today I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Paul Giamatti the star of the Series Billions and many more, who is in Oxford to answer questions at The Oxford Union later today. Paul joins a famous list of Oxford Union guests including;


  • Mother Theresa
  • Philip Pullman
  • Theresa May
  • Johnny Depp
  • Michael Jackson
  • Dalai Lama.


Paul was kind enough to allow me to have my photo taken with him in the Quad of Oxford’s beautiful Bodleian Library and joined me for lunch at the Street food market in Gloucester Green.


Simply referred to as the Oxford Union, the “Oxford Union Society” is a debating society made up predominantly by the University of Oxford, provides an environment to sharpen your wit, your dialect whilst honing your debating skills. Paul can look forward to some thought-provoking conversation when he attends his question and answer session


Our Tours often bump into the odd celebrity and today it great to meet Paul whilst with my group. Take a free walking tour or a private Wander Oxford tour and you will enjoy being regaled with many more fun and interesting facts and you really never can tell who you may just bump in to.