photo of Quidditch game

I’m not entirely convinced that J.K. Rowling intended her fictional game of Quidditch to leap off the pages and become an actual sport. Okay, Hollywood special effects can bring the game to life on the big screen, but who knew Oxford would soon be hosting their second British Quidditch Cup?

According to the event organiser 800 people a day play Quidditch and some of those participants will no doubt on the playing field when the competition returns on the 24th and 25th March 2018. Brookes Sport will see 32 teams taking to the field to battle it out for the Quidditch champions of Britain title.

Harry Potter has a continued good impact on Oxford. I am often stood in the grounds of New College Oxford pointing to the spot where Mad Eye Moody turned the unfortunate Malfoy into a Ferret. People’s faces light up when I take them to Hogwarts infirmary. On a personal note I actually met Emma Watson very recently in an Oxfordshire pub, I won’t tell you where, Emma was so lovely that I wouldn’t want to spoil one of the few public locations where Emma¬† can escape from the madness of being an A list celebrity. After all, she may go there often.

photo of Quidditch game

I look forward to the Quidditch Cup, but I look forward to seeing all the fans smiling when I take them to the Oxford Harry Potter location on one of walking tours of Oxford.

Good luck to all the participants. I still haven’t worked out how they make their broomsticks fly though…perhaps it’s magic?