The city of Oxford is known primarily for the world famous Oxford University but it doesn’t stop there. History, heritage and pride is embedded into every part of the city, a city full of classic architecture, famous institutions and traditional sites that preserve for all to see what would otherwise be consigned to the history books forever.

To get the most out of a trip to Oxford, it is essential to know the best places to visit, the ones that will leave a lasting impression of the prestigious and timeless history of Oxford.

At Wander Oxford tours we have a deep love for the city and knowledge to match. We think it’s fair to say that taking a tour with us is like taking a piece of history that will stay with you even after you return home!


Oxford Colleges – 38 architectural wonders to enjoy! 


To get the most out of your visit to Oxford you could take our 2 hour free walking tour of Oxford. In 2 hours, you will get to see some of the 38 colleges that make up the University and learn about the unique role each of them play as learning facilities.

During the tour we do not enter any of the colleges as many aren’t open to the public, the ones that are tend to open in the afternoon, after the tour has finished, and charge a small fee.

Our tour will provide you though with rich information about the colleges and will help you make an educated decision on which you may want to revisit. There are many so choose wisely! They are all absolutely beautiful though if you ask me.

You can take in the sights of the Bodleian Library, one of Europe’s oldest libraries and the second largest library in Britain.  It’s not all post 19th century history though, you can also pass and learn about the colleges attended by Bill Clinton & David Cameron.

Through out this short but highly informative tour, the opportunity to take in local history and anecdotes from your guide will add to this one of a kind experience.


Visit Christ Church And See The Actual Filming Locations For Harry Potter


Although not part of our tour, as to truly enjoy and take in this stunning feat of architectural ingenuity we recommend spending at least an hour there at your leisure, however, any true Harry Potter fan will long to visit the famous filming locations for the movies.

Christ Church is an essential heritage site visit, founded almost 500 years ago during the renaissance, this historic building had strong ties with Henry VIII, was once the headquarters of King Charles I (and his army) and is the college from which 13 British Prime Ministers graduated from.

The entire cathedral/college is steeped in British antiquity and as previously mentioned is the location for some of the filming of the Harry Potter films making it an unmissable part of your trip to Oxford.


See The Sheldonian Theatre, A Theatre Designed By Christopher Wren


The timeless and beautiful architecture of Oxford can be enjoyed on our free and private tours. One of the locations you will get to see is the stunning Sheldonian Theatre.

Built in the 16th century from a design by Christopher Wren for Oxford University, the Theatre was financed by the Archbishop of Canterbury (Gilbert Sheldon) as a venue for music recitals, lectures, Oxford Uni graduation ceremonies and receptions.

Today it continues to be a venue for concerts and public speeches where traditional orchestras share space with contemporary musicians and performers.

Prepare to be dazzled by the wonderful architecture of the Sheldonian, it’s grandeur and the breath taking panoramic views of Oxford that can be enjoyed from the roof of the theatre known as the ‘Cupola.’

Although we do not go inside the Theatre on the tour it is one that we highly recommend visiting at your leisure. The entry price to enjoy the rooftop views is just £3.50, an absolute bargain for such a rare and stunning venue if you ask me!


Hertford Bridge – ’The Bridge Of Sighs’


It is said that Queen Victoria named Hertford Bridge ’The Bridge Of Sighs’ because she mistook if for the bridge of the same name in Venice. The ‘bridge of sighs’ links together the main buildings of Hertford College and serves as yet another example of the fine architecture of Oxford.

Here is a great opportunity to take pictures and just take in the beauty of the Venetian styled design of the bridge. It is a hugely popular destination for budding photographers and will be familiar to fans of the ‘Inspector Morse’ and ‘Lewis’ TV shows.


The places mentioned here are a fraction of what to see when visiting Oxford. There is so much in the way of rich heritage and history and with a free walking tour of Oxford, or a private guided Wander Oxford tour, you will get to see the very best of what Oxford has to offer!